Background story of the Youth Code of Ethics (pdf file).

You can download the Youth Code of Ethics in the following languages:

English version of the Youth Code of Business Ethics

(This Code is a blue print that can be adjusted by anyone to hers or his convictions so that it becomes a very personal commitment.)

As a young person aspiring to become an ethical business leader

I dream of a World in which

  • each and everyone can live a life in dignity,
  • the human person is always the end but never means to an end,
  • everyone can find his personal fulfillment in community with and through others,
  • the world of business is embedded in a broader world of family and friends, culture and even religion,
  • the environment is preserved for future generations.

I dream of a Company

  • as a community of persons that achieves goals that are beyond the capacity of any individual,
  • that produces goods and services that are contributing to the personal fulfillment of the customers, while being mindful of not harming anyone,
  • in which everyone can be truly human and that is respecting and fostering the dignity of the human person,
  • that is a place of personal fulfillment and a platform for creativity and innovation,
  • in which profit is not an aim in itself but a result of doing excellent business,
  • offering its competences, expertise and financial means to specific needs of society.

I dream of becoming a Person

  • finding my own fulfillment in the fulfillment of others and working and living in community with others,
  • leveraging my talents through the capacity of this community,
  • whose work is an important yet not the only part of a fulfilled and unified life,
  • being excellent in my competences,
  • being authentic and trusted, sticking to my roots and values,
  • living the virtues of readiness to take up responsibility, courage, temperance and (self)reflectiveness.

 As a young person aspiring to become an ethical business leader I have dreams, but have also a realistic view on the challenges of our times.

In a world of iPhones, iPads, iMacs, I get the feeling that we often focus too much on the “I”-perspective and lose the connection to the community. Social media are pretending an interconnectedness never seen before. However: Is this too often not rather superficial? Am I all too often not seeing only black and white? Am I seeing the world with their eyes? Can I feel how they feel? Am I thinking about how my actions affect them? Am I still capable of loving my neighbor as myself?

 I am grateful of having grown up in a world that opens to me as many opportunities as never before in history of mankind. We can travel to places our parents hardly could even dream of and have access to knowledge and information unthinkable a few decades ago. However: Do we conduct a lifestyle that is sustainable? Will our kids and grandchildren still have the same opportunities than we are enjoying? Will we really be so creative and innovative to make use of the resources of our common house in a really sustainable way? Will we leave on this earth a mark worth remembering or will my footprint be ecologically destructive?

As a young person aspiring to become an ethical business leader

I keep in mind that new things start with a change in perspective. Will I have the courage to think out of the box, even though others might laugh about my ideas? Will I have the perseverance to search for new solutions to create win-win situations, instead of following the old path that creates winners and losers? Will I have the motivation to think the unthinkable or will I be discouraged by the rigidities of the ‘system’?

As a young person aspiring to become an ethical business leader

I have in mind that great things always start with small steps, and great things can be achieved never alone, but in a group or movement of likeminded people. Can we imagine to be part of something bigger?



 As a young person aspiring to become an ethical business leader

I solemnly swear to…

  • build a great company that is human centered,
  • be creative, question the status quo and strive for innovation and better solutions to fulfill the needs of others,
  • challenge myself day by day in making best use of my talents,
  • challenge myself day by day to make good use of the decision making power in a leadership position,
  • be attentive to the needs of the others in my community, in my country and the world at large in doing my business,
  • respect and foster the dignity of those I am leading and working with,
  • listen and to be attentive and to facilitate and create an empowering and enabling environment/company culture for those I am leading and working with,
  • put emphasis on the education and formation of those I am leading and working with,
  • communicate on equal footing, value feedback, share information and practice dialogue in order to motivate and inspire those I am leading and working with,
  • encourage out of the box thinking, voicing out dissent, searching for new solutions and thinking the unthinkable,
  • accept my own limitations and those of others, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to learn and question and reflect myself continuously,
  • have faith in myself especially in hard times and seek the help and advice of others,
  • still stick to my values if I am confronted with unethical behavior and prompt the person who did it,
  • be honest,
  • see money only as a tool to achieve a purpose,
  • listen to my heart and to keep open and search for my own sources of strength and spirituality,
  • keep my motivation rooted in my deepest believes, passions and values,
  • care for myself and my own needs, and to live a balanced and unified life,
  • become a role model for others,
  • live and love!