SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 in Slovenia

Ethical Leadership in Economic Transition

In Europe we are in the midst of an economic transition. We are facing key challenges like globalization, digitalization and demographic changes including high youth un-employment and migration, and we have to cope with climate change and the protection of the environment. Recent developments like the Brexit, the rise of populist political movements at the far right and far left, the election of President Trump in the USA and the debate on free trade versus protectionism are putting into question the consensus of our socio-economic ‘system’. In the aftermath of the financial and socio-economic crisis the debate is also very much about the ethical principles on which individual behavior as well as the institutional and legal framework are built upon.

 Nine European business and civil society organizations have joint together to give young future leaders the platform and opportunity to reflect and debate these developments and challenges. The “Youth for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics”- Initiative invites you to join in and contribute your ideas and experiences in shaping the current economic transition and your own future. Our upcoming second International Summer School is a unique opportunity for this.

Second International Summer School

Our Summer School is made up of two parts. The first part deals in a more academic but participatory way with the basic questions of our current socio-economic system. The second part wants to help you to develop your personal leadership skills in order to become effective agents of positive change.

 Slovenia was the first central European country to adopt the Euro and is regarded to be among the frontrunners in economic transition. It lies in the very heart of Europe and is a perfect place to study the current transition processes in central Europe, its challenges and the cultural conditions of change.

 Veržej is a small municipality in north-eastern Slovenia close to the borders of Austria and Hungary, less than 300 km from 5 capitals of Central Europe – Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Bratislava and Ljubljana.  It is a beautiful hideaway for creative reflection.

Location: VERŽEJ, situated on the banks of river Mur in the north-east of Slovenia


  • PART 1: 14-19. August, 2017  (social market economy)
  • PART 2: 19- 23 August, 2017 (leadership skills