3rd International Summer School & Follow-up Seminar
Social Market Economy and Ethical Leadership
Eger (Hungary) 17th-22nd July 2018

an initiative sponsored by:

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Erasmus + (European Union) has accepted to sponsor an initiative token by nine European business organizations for stimulating innovative thinking in business ethics, leadership skills and social market economy during an international summer school for young professionals (graduate and after / postgraduate).
Place&Dates: July 17th 12.00/15.00 to July 22nd 14.00 2018 in Eger (Szent József Archbishop Dorm and Center – Full Pension) / Hungary,3300 Eger, Foglár György utca 1.


REGISTRATION: At local partners.

For more information please contact: National local partner or Tekla Eleméry tekla.elemery@gmail.com   


Main focus on developing participants in ethical leadership through Person-Role-System.


Lectures, workshops, discussions on:

  • Aspects and possibilities of an ethical leader (Basics: values, historical overview, Christian social thoughts, etc.
  • Real & exciting experiences through workshops, games and leadership&personal development exercises, company visit, etc.
  • Free discussion and word cafes/panel discussions (with leaders as well), where participants can discuss and learn/change aspects of how ethical leadership exists in different cultures and in everyday life of business leaders
  • how the process can be implemented and affect our society – BUSINESS GAME to deepen the learned, experienced and existing view of the participants
  • Virtual meetings & community before the Summer School provides possibility participants to contact and to get prior info through virtual surface
  • Daily social programs


Lead Speakers:

  • Markus Warode – Head of Department – Business & Leadership at IUNCTUS – Comp. Centre of Christian Spirituality, business coach, exMD of IKMS – https://www.iunctus.de
  • József Tóth – President of ÉrMe and Operational Manager & Head Lecturer of KETEG (Christian management training program) – www.keteg.hu , www.ermehalo.hu
  • Sister Lura Baritz OP, Phd- Founder and Head of KETEG graduate and postgraduate training program – awarded by Pope Benedictus XVI.’s Reason Award – www.keteg.hu  
  • Tibor Héjj, Phd, MBA – Head lecturer of KETEG, International manager adviser, earlier MD / EU&local  leader of A.T. Kearney, BCG, etc. – https://p-m-c.hu/index.php?page=static&item=93
  • Kaja Kosec – Founder, Trainer on Virtuous Leadership and Dialogue, Ethics Consultant – https://www.zadialog.si/
  • Roland Szilas, Phd – Assistant Professor of Corvinus University of Budapest, exDev. Manager of Procter & Gamble – httpss://www.linkedin.com/in/rolandszilas/
  • János Csébfalvy – International Leadership trainer at Inspiring Culture Sàrl – Switzerland,  earlier President of KÉRME httpss://www.linkedin.com/in/csebfalvijanos/
  • Zsolt Szalai, Phd – Lecturer at more Universities of Hungary,  International Financial Advisor – PECUNA, president of KEVE, earlier: CEO & d.CEO of DRB Bank & Deutsche Bank – – httpss://www.linkedin.com/in/zsolt-szalai-66a74225/


YEBE Summer School & Follow-up Seminar 2018 Eger, Hungary

on Social Market Economy and Ethical Leadership


The third and last Erasmus+ YEBE (Youth for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics) Summer School & Follow-up Seminar 2018 took place in Eger, Hungary. In August 2018 almost 40 students and young professionals came together for an international summer school to study and reflect on the relation between business ethics as a concept of individual responsibility and Social Market Economy. The overall objective of the program was to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people by providing non-formal learning opportunities and helping them to explore and develop their entrepreneurial initiative, develop and improve their leadership skills and to acquire knowledge about business ethics and to reflect the ethical dimensions of leadership in business in the context of Social Market Economy.



The concept of the YEBE Summer School & Follow-up Seminar 2018 Eger was built on three steps. These included attitude, knowledge, experiences, methods and interaction. The three steps of orientation were the following:

  1.     Person (attitude) – How do I lead myself as an entrepreneur?
  2.     Role (skills) – How do I lead others? How do I lead a company?
  3.     System – How to integrate internal and external aspects (eg. the European perspective)?

The program consisted of two parts, a virtual preparation phase (Virtual Meeting) and the Summer School & Follow-up Seminar in Eger.


The YEBE Summer School & Follow-up Seminar 2018 Eger schedule was designed by acknowledged professionals from different organizations, universities and companies. For each day one of the professionals was the Facilitator of the day. Every day the program contained lectures, workshops, seminars and group-works that usually started at 9.00 and ended at 17.30. After the education there were social programs on every evening in order to get to know each other, the city of Eger and to build international relationships.